Administrative procedures for obtaining a building permit in Cameroon

If you want to build a building in Cameroon, you need to obtain a building permit or authorization from the local authorities. A building permit is a legal document that authorizes you to start the construction work on your land. It also ensures that your building complies with the urban planning regulations and safety standards.

To obtain a building permit in Cameroon, you need to follow these administrative steps:

  • Withdraw standard forms available at the mayors office or Urban Council depending on the case. This form must be stamped at the regulatory rate and signed by the owner of the land or his representative.
  • Provide the complete file in five copies in a strap folder and deposit it at the mail of the town hall or the urban community concerned against receipt. The file must include:
    • an application for a building permit,
    • a recent urban planning certificate,
    • a recent certificate of ownership,
    • a mass plan and location of the land,
    • architectural plans,
    • a layout and development plan of the surroundings,
    • foundation plans,
    • a septic tank plan,
    • a roof plan,
    • descriptive estimates/Bill of Quantities (BoQ) of the works to be built. For buildings with a height greater than or equal to 10 meters, you must also provide: a Geotechnical report (soil study report), a file of structural plans, a project management contract, a safety notice for the structure.
  • Pay the fees related to the building permit. These fees include: the fiscal stamp to stick on the form (1000 FCFA), the urban planning certificate (25 000 FCFA), the certificate of ownership (10 000 FCFA), the percentage of estimated cost of construction (1% of total cost) to be paid to the municipal treasury, the fee for the joint commission that evaluates the request (25 000 FCFA for a bungalow, 50 000 FCFA for a one-storey building and 75 000 FCFA for a two-storey building or more).
  • Wait for approval of the request by the joint commission that inspects the land and examines the file. The approval may take up to 45 days or more depending on the complexity of the project. If the request is approved, the building permit is issued by the mayor or the government delegate. If the request is rejected, a notification with the reasons for rejection is sent to the applicant.

Obtaining a building permit in Cameroon may seem complicated, but it is essential to ensure quality and safety of building.

Obtaining a building permit in Cameroon may seem expensive, but it is essential to ensure quality and safety your building.

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